Dairy company Lewis Road Creamery claims that Fonterra has copied its packaging on Fonterra’s recently introduced organic milk range. According to Peter Cullinane, founder of Lewis Road, the dairy giant has used a ‘staggeringly similar’ branding on its new Kapiti range, in an attempt to confuse shoppers. “It’s probably not Fonterra’s proudest moment, from my point of view,” Cullinane said. “I really think they should be great innovators and they seem to be the exact opposite with this.”
He also criticised the use of a cow icon on the label.

Fonterra replied that the packaging was in line with the Kapiti range of ice creams and cheeses, adding that the cow icon was ‘generally utilised to help customers easily identify cow’s milk products in the chiller from other premium milk like goat’s milk and buffalo’s milk.
"The response to the launch has been overwhelmingly positive with some consumers even commenting that our packaging reminds them of drinking milk when they were kids," said Fonterra's spokeswoman.


According to Cullinane, it was too soon to tell if Lewis Road Creamery’s sales had been affected, but he thought they would.