New Zealand’s Most Trust Biscuit Brand

Tim Tam

With the recent news of Arnott’s opening a manufacturing facility in Avondale, bringing the manufacturing of the beloved biscuit brand back to New Zealand, Arnott’s has also been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand for Biscuits in the annual New Zealand Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Awards 2023.

Arnott’s has been connecting Kiwis through the sharing of a biscuit for over 155 years and has remained firm that there is no substitute for quality, having created some of New Zealand’s most well-loved biscuits, including the original Scotch Finger to Tim Tam.

The delectable biscuit range by the brands has become a staple to the Kiwi pantry, with its recent vote to become one of New Zealand's most trusted brands reflecting this longstanding history it has cultivated with its customers.