CleanPaleo’s holding company Riot Foods has acquired popular nut butter brand Poppy & Olive. After four years of roasting, crushing and smooshing nuts, founder Sophie Williamson has teamed up with CleanPaleo, bringing together their knowledge of nutrition and whole foods manufacturing to make the butters even healthier and more affordable.

“Rather than accept the status quo we’ve made a stand and established a new generation food business with an unshakable commitment to producing whole foods that are made with recipes that avoid harmful ingredients like processed sugars, gluten, additives and fillers,” said Williamson. “Our products explode with vibrant flavours, cracking textures and natural goodness and are the king of convenience. People have told us that having a team as green as ours is a weakness. We disagree. We move fast and learn faster.” In four short years, the team at Poppy & Olive have beaten the odds and grown a team of bright young things who are old enough to know better, but young enough not to care. “Together we have built a portfolio of brands and successfully launched dozens of products, across several categories around the world.”