The Dairy and Business Owners Group Encourages Members To Vote

The Dairy and Business Owners Group for New Zealand is encouraging members of the organisation to vote in the upcoming election. The organisation emphasised that it would never tell members how to vote. However, the association said that the incoming government's top priority must be addressing the crime emergency facing its members.

"We must restore law and order. Whomever the incoming Police Minister and Justice Minister are, we will work with them to put the dairy manifesto forward," said a New Zealand Dairy Owners Association spokesperson.

The organisation further stated the importance of safer communities for members and their businesses to prosper, allowing Diary owners nationwide to sell what customers want and need.

Not enrolled? Individuals can enrol and vote, even on election day.

The Dairy and Business Owners Group said that individuals, their staff, and family are all eligible to enrol and vote so long as they are 18 years or older, New Zealand citizens (or permanent residents), and have all lived in New Zealand continuously for 12 months or more at some time in your life. It further encouraged members to vote, adding that individuals can enrol to vote on election day itself, but this would mean they would need to go in person to a 'polling place' (these have orange signs outside).

The Dairy and Business Owners Group further shared information about party stances on law and order and smokefree and vaping policies of the organisation and its members:

Law and Order

The Dairy and Business Owners Group extended its condolences and was deeply saddened by the recent assault of another of its hardworking shopkeepers at the New Windsor Dairy. The organisation said that this incident could have been avoided, and it underlined a pressing concern of lawlessness in New Zealand, stating the current government had created a permissible environment where there were few to no consequences for the offenders. These are concerns the Dairy and Business Owners Group has been vocal about and has urged the government over the last six years to take appropriate action to stop this alarming trend. The Dairy and Business Owners Group keeps Mr Patel and his family in their thoughts as they go through this difficult time.

"We had the privilege of meeting with the Patel family, and their resilience and strength are truly inspiring. Mr Patel is showing remarkable strength in his recovery process, and we are pleased to report that he will be discharged from the hospital today. While there is still a long road ahead, we are hopeful for his continued recovery and well-being."

The Dairy and Business Owners Group spokesperson continued that the Patel family had shown incredible resilience during this challenging time.

"They are a brave and loving family united to support one another. They are still dealing with the shock and trauma of the incident, but the overwhelming messages and support from the community have been a tremendous source of comfort and strength for them."

The organisation further wanted to express its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who reached out and offered support. It truly means the world to the family, and it's a testament to the kind and compassionate nature of the community.