Mars bars and Snickers bars

Global manufacturer Mars reaffirmed its commitment to globally-source 100 percent traceable, deforestation-free cocoa by 2025.

The maker of Snickers and M&Ms reported that it has been making progress in its Cocoa for Generations initiative. Cocoa for Generations was launched in a bid to create a fully sustainable supply chain with opportunities for farmers to thrive with $1 billion invested in the project to last ten years to create a pathway to developing farming communities.

John Ament global vice president of cocoa at Mars shared its active collaboration with "farmer communities, cocoa suppliers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry groups, governments and others to ensure the long-term sustainability of cocoa."

Apart from preserving forests, the new measures aim to put a stop to child labour and increase farmers’ income with a focus on smallholdings.

Cocoa farmer holding a handful of cocoa beans

Photo courtesy of Mars

Ensuring cocoa farmers can thrive is an objective that is too big for any one company to tackle alone and it requires intense effort from a wide range of other stakeholders. Mars is committed to sustainable leadership and developing approaches that are tailored to meet the varied challenges facing farmers in different parts of the world.