Picture of bread

As of January 1 2019, Portugal will impose a maximum salt level in bread. Bread must contain no more than 1.3g of salt, falling to 1.2g of salt by the following year. It will then decrease by 0.1 grams per year following that.

The new law will cover bread of all types that are produced or marketed in Portugal, regardless of the country of origin. Specialty breads, like those that have added meats, are not included in this ruling.

This follows Portugal's National Health Plan announcement which looks to reduce the average amount of salt in foodstuffs with high levels of salt by 10 percent. Over 65 percent of women and over 85 percent of men have an intake of salt that is above the recommended amount.

"Excessive salt intake by the population is one of the greatest public health risks in Portugal and is linked to the development of a range of chronic diseases, in particular, cardiovascular diseases, which are currently the leading cause of death in Portugal," according to the regulation.