Android’s new operating system is named after the world’s favourite cookie, Oreo. Historically, Google has named each release of its Android operating system after sweet treats like Éclair, Ice Cream Sandwich and most recently – Nougat.

After many rumours around what sweet treat could be revealed for ‘O’, Google and the Oreo team unveiled the Android Oreo name as well as the Android Oreo superhero – a new character who personifies the powers of this iconic duo and the features of the new operating system.

“With Oreo, we’re on a mission to bring people together through fun, playful moments. So infusing the playfulness of Oreo with the openness of Android is the perfect match,” said Justin Parnell, global brand director, Oreo.

Building on successful collaboration as part of the Oreo Dunk Challenge campaign earlier this year, the Android Oreo release marks a global co-branding partnership between the Oreo brand and Google. It will entail a variety of initiatives designed to create innovative, playful experiences for both Oreo and Android fans such as a light-hearted video series, which is sure to surprise followers on social media.

Like all iconic superheroes, Android OREO originated from a wondrous, and unique, moment in time: the 2017 total solar eclipse that touched the United States.

It is Google’s tradition to create giant lawn statues for every Android release but, this time, the team created a kinetic Android OREO statue, adding a layer of playful interactivity. Indeed, the Android OREO interactive statue playfully interacts with four poses, each reflecting the key new features of the operating system.