Natural, Sugar-Free Sweeteners Now Available

Introducing six natural sugar free sweeteners from the NZ company Sweetnz.

As part of its extensive range of sweeteners, these certainly meet current consumer demand, filling a gap presently in the market.

Containing  no artificial ingredients,  super low calorie ,  low carb,  low GI  and gluten free makes  them great  for diabetics,  the health conscious and an absolute  favourite with the very rapidly growing  Keto market,  repeatedly appearing in NZ keto recipe sharing groups, and on internet sites and  influencer pages.

Exclusive to Sweetnz in NZ, are its Golden Brown sweetener and liquid Stevia drops.

Golden Brown - fabulous sprinkled on porridge, the Stevia Drops sweeten just about anything, coffee, yoghurt, smoothies, soda’s etc.

Ice cakes with Icing (not) Sugar or for that delicious unique taste of Monk Fruit, their monk fruit blend is an absolute winner.

For more information, contact: or phone, 03-579-4347.