New ‘Love Local NZ’ Crackers to Support NZ Businesses

A New Zealand company has embraced new, post-lockdown consumer behaviours and used them to support other kiwi businesses by developing a line of artisan oat crackers from locally sourced ingredients.

The team at Wellington-based Rutherford & Meyer recognised a strong desire among kiwis to #supportlocal throughout the recent lockdown and moving forward into the new normal. This social trend inspired the team to create their new Love Local New Zealand line of crackers.

The new range features three flavours, each with unique local ingredients: Organic Torere Macadamia nuts from Gisborne, Nelson Fresh pear and Uncle Joe’s Marlborough hazelnuts, Cates linseed from Ashburton with Cannock Harvest pumpkin seeds from the Rangatikei area. All three have a base of Harraways South Island oats - another kiwi favourite.

Rutherford & Meyer owner, Jan Meyer, said the Love Local range is an attempt to support other New Zealand businesses during economic uncertainty, and a response from the company to the shifting buying trends of New Zealanders.

“During Level 3 and 4 of lockdown, we noticed that kiwis were standing up and being vocal in their support of small and local businesses. With so many fantastic fruits, nuts, seeds and other ingredients being produced right here in New Zealand, we knew this was a great opportunity to create a range of products that highlight these ingredients – making the name of the range, ‘Love Local’, a no-brainer,” explained Meyer.

The ‘Nelson Pear & Hazelnut’ crackers are an ideal flavour match when topped with blue cheese and pear paste (or fresh pear), while the ‘Gisborne Macadamia’ crackers pair beautifully with a creamy soft cheese – like brie. The ‘Canterbury Linseed, Pumpkin Seed and Rosemary’ crackers are perfect with hard cheese and all are delicious on their own.

Rutherford & Meyer’s Love Local New Zealand crackers will be rolled out in supermarkets across the country from July and August.

Since its inception in Canterbury in 1996, Rutherford & Meyer has been a kiwi success story, developing its range of fruit pastes, gourmet wafers, rice wafers, fruit spreads, honeys and grain crackers which are sold in leading supermarkets and food retailers in New Zealand.