New Partnership for Energizer

Entel Holdings today announced it has appointed Lightforce as the exclusive partner of the Energizer® Homepower battery solution in New Zealand.

The partnership will give home and small business owners in New Zealand access to premium and reliable energy storage solutions that are more cost-effective and will maximise return on investment for new and existing rooftop solar systems.

The Energizer® Homepower features a solar battery with a sleek, modular design that houses a 6.1 kWh capacity module with the flexibility to connect additional storage up to 24.4 kWh, as households and businesses energy needs grow. Cutting-edge battery software maximises efficiency, allowing home and business owners to manage their systems and energy usage remotely via an easy-to-use app.

New Zealand’s solar market is predicted to increase significantly, with 50 to 78 per cent of households and 5 to 40 per cent of New Zealand businesses expected to have solar connections by 2050, according to the Transpower Energy Futures Report.

“Partnering with Lightforce was a natural fit. Their singular focus on the future of solar energy and related technologies, coupled with their deep market expertise, in-house installation teams and impeccable quality workmanship will help us to deliver theEnergizer® Homepower battery to home and business owners across New Zealand,” Entel Holdings General Manager, Tigran Aganesov said.

Energizer® Homepower will enable home and small business owners to lower their operational costs, reduce their reliance on the grid and support their sustainability goals,” Aganesov said.

Lightforce is one of New Zealand’s largest solar retailers and installers, responsible for approximately 20 per cent of all installations in the country, across both residential and commercial markets, with offices from Northland to Queenstown.

“We are very excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Energizer® Homepower. We’re on the cusp of an energy revolution. We want to help home and business owners in New Zealand to better understand and utilise Virtual Power Plants to drive economic advantage, by enabling a fully controlled and monitored fleet of intelligent battery energy storage systems via Energizer® Homepower,” said Lightforce Founder and Managing Director, Luke Nutting.

Lightforce also has a very strong commercial renewable energy focus, having installed solar systems for clients including Anzor Fasteners, Switzer Residential Care, OTC Timber, L’Oréal and The Dairy Goat Co-Operative, to reduce operational costs and support corporate social responsibility requirements.

“At the end of the day, a return on investment of 15 per cent is a lot better than you can do at the bank” said farmer James Hill, one of Lightforce’s agricultural solar customers.

The product’s minimalist design incorporates a patented magnetic flap that cleverly conceals system controls to allow convenient access while maintaining visual appeal. The Energizer® Homepower App gives business owners the option to store energy during off-peak periods, and then use it during peak periods when energy prices are high. The app is available on Apple iOS, Google Android, and Web platforms.

There is also a mobile app specifically developed for technicians to use during the installation and commissioning process. Through a robust Bluetooth connection, the app guides the technician through a step-by-step sequence that automatically validates the correct installation as they go. Combining this with a no-fuss, plug-and-play type connection zone, the average installation time is significantly reduced.

Energizer® Homepower comes with a 10-year warranty, it is also compatible with new and existing solar systems and is Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready.

Launched in October 2020, the Energizer® Homepower is now available to home and business owners in New Zealand via Lightforce. For more information or to place an order, visit