New World Partners With Local Foodbank to Help Struggling Families

Every New World in New Zealand has partnered with a local foodbank and is inviting customers to help feed their local foodbanks by filling a special paper bag at stores nationwide.  The New World Family2Family 2020 Foodbank Appeal will help feed New Zealand’s families who are struggling to put food on the table this winter.  

“Our focus throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and into our recovery is unwavering, which is ensuring every New Zealander has access to grocery essentials,” said Steve Anderson, Managing Director, Foodstuffs New Zealand.

“Partnering every one of our locally owned and operated New World stores with a local foodbank is one of the ways we can help our communities rebound together. With our customers’ support, we can have a positive and direct impact on people’s lives and families who are doing it tough right now. 

"During lockdown, we donated more than $1 million to New Zealand’s charities so they could continue to look after, feed and keep vulnerable New Zealanders safe,” says Anderson. “This Appeal is an opportunity for us to continue with our commitment to look after New Zealand, and we invite our customers to join with us so we can have an even bigger and more significant impact on our communities’ recovery,” said Anderson.  

Customers who would like to participate in the New World Family2Family Foodbank Appeal can look out for the special brown paper bag available in New World’s stores from Monday 22 June.

Christchurch City Mission, which has one of the foodbanks partnering with local Christchurch New Worlds, welcomes the appeal. “Families who haven’t previously needed a foodbank’s services are now coming to us for support, and we’re often asked by supporters how they can help out,” said Matthew Mark, City Missioner, Christchurch City Mission. “All it takes is to fill a Family2family paper bag with foodbank-friendly groceries next time you do your shop at New World and leave it in the special drop-off box. We are incredibly grateful for anyone’s support – no amount is too small,” said Mark.  

Foodbank-friendly groceries will be highlighted on New World shelves nationwide throughout the Appeal’s campaign, making it easy for customers to spot and select on shelf.   

“Groceries with a long shelf life are ideal donations,” says Mark. “Food such as canned fruit and vegetables, and food that makes up the hearty base of a meal like rice, pasta and noodles are great.  Pantry staples including sugar, flour and tea bags, plus hygiene basics such as soap and toilet rolls, are exactly what families need of right now. Also, it never hurts to pop in a little treat like chocolate or chips to brighten someone’s day when times are tough,” said Mark.