Next Generation in Snacking

The team at pure delish are excited to announce a brand new range of six snacking clusters. With three almond and three coconut based clusters, the snacks are available in delicious flavours like almond and dark chocolate, tropical coconut and coconut and ruby chocolate. Hand-crafted, like all pure delish products, from only the best ingredients, the new snacking clusters are currently rolling out to independent grocers and selected New World, Pak'nSave and Fresh Choice supermarkets around New Zealand.

Inspired by snacking innovation happening overseas and seeing a gap for a similar product in the New Zealand market, pure delish set about developing a product range that was not only innovative and delicious but also ticked many of the health boxes consumers are looking for. The new snacking clusters range is free from grains, gluten and egg, with four out of six new products launched also being dairy free and plant based.

With global and local trends moving towards more convenient, on-the-go and healthier snacking options, the new pure delish range is sure to excite consumers while they deliver on key health benefits.

pure delish have set their sights on bringing a new level of innovation and premiumisation to snacking aisles around the country.