The demise of the German-owned Bauer publishing empire in New Zealand is a blow to the supermarket industry with a profitable sale or return category being hit hard. But it is not the end of the magazine business.

There is little doubt that some of those titles will re-emerge under new ownership and clearly others were not hitting the mark. At the same time, there is a myriad of local publishers producing consumer, community and business titles who have been creating great publications for many years.

Some of these specialist titles may not have the same appeal as the more broadly based women’s magazines, but they do have a role to play. In the field of business magazines, the likes of Supermarket News may not feature on the bookstands, but they play an important part in their industries in providing valuable trade information, especially at a time like this. Obviously in the lockdown and restrictions, it is impossible for suppliers to call on stores or even buying offices – but somehow the information must get through.

This is where trade publications come into their own whether it be online or in print. This sector of the publishing industry still deserves your support.