Kallø is introducing a range of organic stock cubes made with only the finest herbs and vegetables, to add great flavour to everyone's home cooking.

Kallø believe that super simple food can be super tasty too. The range comes in three different flavours; Vegetable, Chicken and Beef, all made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Each stock cube is also coeliac-friendly and lactose-free.

Rich in flavour and taste, these stock cubes are perfect for all kinds of dishes. Add them to your soups, curries casseroles and stews to enhance the vibrancy of dishes. Options to use the versatile stock cubes are endless; make your favourite homemade chicken dumplings or wrap-up warm with the ultimate comfort bowl of mashed potatoes with gravy. Add a vegetable stock cube to your next tomato or vegetable soup or reinvent the traditional beef pie to unleash the full flavour potential.

Take any dish using rice or grains to the next level; create a creamy, delicious risotto by adding Kallø stock - giving the dish more taste and dimension.

Being simple and sensible without compromising on taste are fundamental philosophies behind Kallø. Take pleasure in eating well to better the planet and people while feeling good in the process.

Eating well doesn’t mean saying no to things that you love; it simply means finding a guilt-free way of doing it. Nourish yourself from the inside out.

Kallø Organic Vegetable, Chicken and Beef stock cubes come in packs of six.

Chantal Organics is the nationwide distributor for Kallø organic in New Zealand.

For more information visit their website.