Oat Milk Sales on the Rise in Supermarkets

In case you haven’t noticed, oat milk is experiencing a huge rise in popularity, with the plant-based milk growing from a niche option into an everyday favourite.

In fact, data from All Good, shows that in the cafés that they stock around the country, oat milk flat whites make up a third of all flat whites ordered.

More interestingly, there’s another trend emerging: with people spending more time at home, there has been a massive increase in oat milk sales through supermarkets. Faye MacGregor, GM for All Good, puts this down to the rise of budding home baristas.

“We can see from our sales data that more and more people are enjoying oat milk flat whites when they’re out and about – and now that they’re working from home, they want to be able to enjoy an oat milk flat white at home, with the same quality and taste, so we’re seeing a big uplift in supermarkets. Not to mention it tastes pretty damn good on your muesli!”

Over the past year, All Good Oat Milk’s popularity has grown by over 400 percent in supermarkets, with the average number of All Good Oat Milk cartons sold per store/per week doubling, making it now twice as much as other New Zealand-owned oat milks.

And perhaps due to the increase in people working from home, All Good’s Barista blend is the most popular premium Oat Milk, growing by nearly 600 percent on last year. 

Data shows that the total plant milk category has grown annually by 30 percent, but for supermarkets, the rise in oat milk popularity is what matters, with the average value per unit higher for oat than soy and almond, and therefore driving both value and volume growth for supermarkets. 

The budding home baristas out there should consider this - not all oat milks are created equal. 

Unlike some of the other oat milks available, All Good Oat Milk is produced using the oat milking process developed at Lund University in Sweden that’s changed the way the world consumes plant milks. Made with the whole oat, All Good preserves the healthy beta-glucans (one of the key attributes that make oats healthy, helping to lower blood cholesterol) to make a silky, milky liquid that tastes and feels like the creamy milk we’re all so used to drinking. 

So, here’s to perfecting the oat milk flat white at home!

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