Bulk-shopping e-commerce retailer Boxed, has added expiration-date labelling to shelf-stable products featured on the site. It is believed this is the first e-commerce site to do so.

Expiration dates appear on the side of a product's page and are estimated based on when an order is placed and likely to be delivered. Although they are not exact expiration dates, sellers can choose whether it is listed as an 'expiration' or 'best by'on the site.

"When people shop for food in the store, they want to eyeball the bananas, check the nutrition facts, and look at the sell-by date," said Jared Yaman, COO of Boxed. "That isn't possible online. So, when customers asked us to add expiration dates, we thought, why not? We want to be transparent and give people the information they want to buy with confidence, even if that means we sell fewer potato chips."

The site is a grocery delivery service that deals predominantly with shelf-stable products and is aimed at millennials looking for an updated Costco experience.