In 2016 Countdown embarked on a major re-design of their entire Fresh offering with Auckland- based packaging agency Brandhub, to address an increasingly fragmented sub-brand offering and to convey the true quality of their own-brand products.

Brandhub applied their unique “HUB” approach to the task (Hatch-Unify-Brand, a process that brings any consumer brand to life), to develop a creative yet practical strategy, a compelling story and total reinvigoration of Countdown’s entire Fresh category.

The result was a complete rethink of the supermarket’s Fresh offering. A simplified product tier- system was created with a clear up-sell pathway between each. A new brand essence was distilled: ‘The Joy of Fresh’, encompassing a passion for quality fresh food, locally produced, at great prices. And a new reinvigorated brand story was born, with clearly defined packaging design drivers.

The successful rebrand of Countdown’s six departments encompassed more than 500 product SKUs. Applying the HUB approach provided a defined and organised structure for the rebrand.

“Over the past 18 months, we have been working with Brandhub on the major brand conversion taking place in Countdown. Their approach has been very professional from the start, taking time to understand our business. The end results so far have been excellent and well received by customers. I look forward to completing this phase of work with Brandhub and continuing on in the future," said Countdown’s Business Manager of Fresh, Sean McManus.

Countdown’s engagement with Brandhub has delivered a clear product strategy, innovative packaging designs, and has resulted in Countdown’s fresh products flying off the shelf!