stand-up pouches

Good Source Foods has rolled out three tailored blends of low sugar, high protein and soluble fibre snacks to match specific energy requirements at different times of the day. Made of 70 percent cocoa, infused with extra-virgin olive oil to reduce bitterness, this snack is like a cross between an energy bar and a candy.

The snacks are made to cater to three times of the day, namely morning, afternoon and evening. Morning Jump provides the right jumpstart to the day with ingredients such as ginger root, chia seeds and green tea that supplement energy and help regain focus. Afternoon Boost is designed to boost metabolism, reduce appetite and re-energise during mid-day meltdowns, with ingredients like dried apples, walnuts, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Evening Calm induces relaxation and sleep, through a combination of dried cherries, lavender, honey and turmeric, ensuring a good night’s rest.

These Non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free snacks provide slow-metabolising carbohydrates that give the body energy over an extended period of time, according to Scott Repinski, co-founder at Good Source.