Organic Product Segment Continues To Grow 

Numerous suppliers of organic sweets and organic snacks are represented at the world's largest trade fair for sweets and snacks.

Organic is booming worldwide and over the last ten years has advanced from being a niche theme to become an ongoing trend across Germany. According to the Organic Food Production Alliance (BÖLW), over Euro 10 billion was turned over with organic items for the first time in the year 2017. This corresponded to a growth of around six percent compared to 2016. Currently, 98 percent of all households buy at least one organic product a year. Organic has thus reached virtually every household. Overall organic products make up 5.7 percent of the total turnover for food in Germany (© GfK, Source: ConsumerScan 2017). Organic sweets and organic snacks account for a turnover of around three percent here.

That the significance of organic continues to grow is not only evident from the increasing number of organic sweets and organic snack items on sale in retail outlets. Organic products are also implemented in the out-of-home market.

There are going to be numerous exhibitors with organic products again at the 49th ISM. Of the around 1,700 exhibitors at the world's largest trade fair for sweets and snacks, just under 400 exhibitors have stated that they will be presenting organic products. The following figures underline the dynamic development the theme organic has undergone at ISM. In 2017 only 282 organic exhibitors and in 2016 in total 222 exhibitors were represented at ISM with organic products. With 362 exhibitors, the share of organic exhibitors was already 25 percent in 2018 already.

The offer of organic products at ISM is thus larger than ever. From organic chocolate and sweet organic sandwich spreads such as nut nougat creams or jam to cakes and biscuits, through to organic snack items and tea, the trade buyer can look forward to a variety of products. In addition to companies with many years of expertise in the organic segment, many young companies are also exhibiting at ISM as well as companies that have expanded their line-ups to include organic items.

The visitors can have the suppliers of organic items displayed directly using the filter function of the exhibitor search available on the trade fair's website at It is also possible to search for vegan, vegetarian, fair trade or sugar-free products.

ProSweets Cologne, the international supplier fair for the sweets and snacks industry, which is staged parallel to ISM, provides additional information on sustainable packaging solutions or innovative ingredients. Together with ProSweets Cologne, ISM covers the entire value chain of sweets production and sales at the same time and place – a worldwide unique constellation. For further information: 

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