Lewis Road has launched a new range of premium ice creams, the world's creamiest, dreamiest ice cream experience in five unique flavours and made from only the finest ingredients, including whole cream from grass-fed cows.

Three Vanillas - The exquisite blend of three of the world's most delicious vanillas - Madagascan, Tongan and Tahitian.

Burnt Butter & Caramel Swirl - The burnt butter sauce in this ice cream is made in a kettle on a small scale and combined with an indulgent caramel swirl.

Double Mint & Chocolate - An evolution of its popular Mint & Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, this flavour sees its new creamy ice cream base churned with a natural peppermint extract, a hint of spearmint and shards of dark chocolate.

Chocolate Truffle with Ganache - Creamy dark chocolate ice cream base finished with folds of decadent chocolate ganache. A chocolate ice cream for chocolate lovers.

Dark Chocolate Noir with Raspberry Ribonette - Dark chocolate and a luxuriously tangy raspberry ribonette is folded through its parlour-perfect chocolate ice cream base.