A sustainability movement is currently spreading not only across New Zealand, but the world as businesses both big and small make moves towards helping the environment. New Zealand has been at the forefront of the movement with the government announcing its support for removing single-use plastic bags from supermarkets, and NZ businesses have been getting behind the cause and doing their part to help keep the country clean and green.

McClure’s Pickles is the latest company to announce a more sustainable and environmentally conscious effort when it comes to its packaging. The American branded pickle company has partnered with premium supermarket chain Farro Fresh to create refill stations for McClure’s Pickles. “We were excited to be given the opportunity to offer customers a chance to re-use their McClure Pickle jars and get a refill at their local Farro Fresh,” said Nick Brown, from Cook and Nelson.

"We think it’s great to give people the option to refill and we’re looking at a whole load of different ways that people can refill in store to save on packaging waste," added Janene Draper, founder and co-owner of Farro Fresh.

The pickles will be delivered to the deli section of the grocery store in bulk and made available to customers to pay by the scoop so that they can get the exact amount required. Shoppers will be able to either refill their previous McClure’s pickles glass jar or bring a different container of their own. “We've not heard of anyone turning up with a bucket yet, but if you’re a diehard McClure’s Pickle fan, now you can,” said Brown. This is not the only sustainable choice the company has made. McClure’s recycles the heat in its plant and uses vegetable ink in its labels. “Anything that reduces waste has got to be a good thing for McClure's, and we also do everything we can to minimise our waste and environmental impact at Cook and Nelson. Farro Fresh is similarly committed, so this was an obvious choice.”

McClure’s Pickles was established in 2006 by two brothers in Brooklyn, NY and Detroit, MI. McClure’s Pickles are imported from American by New Zealand distributor Cook and Nelson who pride themselves on scouring the globe to find delicious, lovingly crafted food for Kiwi's to enjoy.