FOODIE Sophie Williamson left her government job to found Olive & Poppy in October last year.
The artisan manufacturer produces five natural nut butters under the Poppy & Olive brand with the range including Organic Coconut Butter, Crunchy Almond Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.
Manufactured in Auckland’s CBD, the brand has already been picked up by the likes of Farro Fresh and Williamson says she looking to gain further distribution through retail channels.
“I began (and still do) sell the range at various farmers’ markets around Auckland, and have recently made the move into retail. I definitely consider supermarkets a growth area for the brand,” she says.
Williamson believes her offering is unique in New Zealand, with each product made with 100% nuts and quality ingredients.
“There is no other Crunchy Almond Butter available on the market. Our Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is made from 80% hazelnuts and 20% high quality New Zealand chocolate; this makes a far superior and healthier alternative to Nutella.”
Poppy & Olive’s early success has been attributed to increasing consumer demand for unique locally produced food.
“People like to know where their products are coming from and like to support small local businesses, as opposed to the large corporates who mass produce. The ‘wholefoods movement’ is also a contributing factor and is encouraging people to choose high quality, natural foods,” says Williamson.
Williamson is currently working on new products to extend the Poppy & Olive range in the future. For more information please visit www.poppyandolive.co.nz