Parks & Nash bone broth range

In a bid to disrupt grocery soup aisles, American company Parks & Nash has launched single-serve cups of bone broth. The products seek to capture both health-conscious consumers and fans of canned soup and instant ramen noodles.

Its selling point lies in its ability to provide instant convenience as well as the ‘healthy’ components present in the broth from nutrients and amino acids in the animal’s broken-down marrow and connective tissues.

“Most of what’s on today’s shelf isn’t ‘bad’ for you, but it’s devoid of nutrient and proteins; it’s just salty water,” said Elliot Cohen operating partner at Parks & Nash. “The entire soup category is being rebranded as not just ‘free of’ but ‘full of’. At Parks & Nash, it’s our strength and our mission to rebuild the centre of the store around dehydrated bone broth and other proteins and fibres.”