Rutherford & Meyer Launch Award-Winning, Vege-Packed Crackers

A kiwi cracker company has recognised the need for more nutritious, plant-based snacks as New Zealand consumers become increasingly health conscious – and the new product has already won an award!

New Zealand owned-and-operated Rutherford & Meyer, which also produces your favourite ‘cheese accompaniments’ like fruit pastes, spreads and honeys, has created a range of Cracker Bites which are not only plant-based but also gluten-free, made with 100% natural ingredients and packed full of flavour.

The bite-sized crackers are deliciously versatile - perfect to top with cheese, dip in hummus or snack on them solo –these wholesome Cracker Bites come in three tasty flavours; Beetroot, Chickpea and Sweet Potato.

The Cracker Bites range was awarded the winner of an NZ Artisan Award in early September, in the Ambient category.

Rutherford & Meyer owner, Jan Meyer, said the company was inspired to produce a range of crackers for guilt-free snacking.

“We know that Kiwis are health-aware, and the trends we’ve been seeing over the last few years include a move toward incorporating more plant-based meals and snacks into our diets,” explained Meyer.

“We’ve packed our Cracker Bites full of vegetables and added chia seed, linseed and poppyseed to make a delicious snack that you can feel great eating – and we believe winning the NZ Artisan award really confirms that.”

Rutherford & Meyer’s Cracker Bites are rolling out in supermarkets across the country now. Each box, which includes 2 x 70g stay-fresh packs, has an RRP of $3.95.

Since its inception in Canterbury in 1996, Rutherford & Meyer has been a kiwi success story, developing its range of fruit pastes, gourmet wafers, rice wafers, fruit spreads, honeys and grain crackers which are sold in leading supermarkets and food retailers in New Zealand.