Chocolate lovers can celebrate this holiday season with the launch of Cadbury Twirl Caramilk. The iconic brands have collaborated to combine flavours to release a limited-edition chocolate bar.

Combining the swirls and curls of Twirl bars with the caramelised white chocolate of Caramilk, Kiwis no longer have to choose one or the other, they can now enjoy them both at the same time.

“We’ve made a promise to keep developing new and exciting chocolate blocks, and bars that Kiwis will love and Twirl Caramilk does not disappoint,” said Cadbury New Zealand’s, Will Papesch. “We know Kiwis are adventurous and innovative by nature so we can’t wait to hear what they think of this new flavour combo.”

The bar will be available for a limited time, so Cadbury fans are encouraged to try it while they can.