Nestlé has revealed that in 2020 it will use the Nutri-score nutrition labelling throughout Europe. More than 5,000 products in five countries will include the nutrition labelling system.

“Our ambition is to have one of the healthiest options in every product category we offer. Nutri-score will motivate us and help track our progress,” said Marco Settembri, CEO of Nestlé for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. “I am proud that Nestlé is the first company to roll our Nutri-score at this sale in Europe. We now want to move quickly as we are sure this is the right way forward.”

Brands that are expected to feature Nutri-score include Nesquik chocolate-flavoured milk, Buitoni pizzas, Nescafé coffee, KitKat chocolate and Garden Gourmet plant-based products.

Nestlé’s decision to implement Nutri-score and display the nutritional value of food hopes to combat the obesity crisis.