Better For You Product Sales Showing Significant Growth

Recent studies around the world continue to show significant growth for the better-for-you category. Thanks to the rise in health conscious consumers, innovation and new product development, the category was quickly moved from just a trend to a mainstay in the majority of aisles. With better-for-you products now widely available, it has become more accessible and the category more approachable and less daunting for customers to make health and wellness the new normal when choosing products.

When it comes to snacks, Mintel has reported that 90% of consumers eat at least one snack a day, with millennials consuming far more. With the rise in snacking occasions, there has been an increase too in the number of options available to consumers and retailers stocking shelves with better-for-you options, many of which are plant-or vegetable-based or feature ingredients such as hemp or see a reduction in salt, sugar and fat.

Fresh offerings continue to be incredibly resilient during tough economic conditions with consumers turning to fresh as their go-to when it comes to health and wellness. Often the primary driver of growth in retail, fresh foods have a projected growth of 2.4 percent through to 2023, according to a recent Deloitte report, where produce is said to represent an attractive proposition for everyon ein the fresh food ecosystem as a hedge during periods of economic uncertainty.

Back in 2018, 'keto' was the most 'Googled' food-related topic in the world, and the category has since exploded onto retail shelves. What was once a specialised diet catering for those with epilepsy has now become one of the leading health and wellness food trends. Keto-friendly food offerings are on the rise and look to grow 5.3 percent over the coming four years. In the USA alone, the category is expected to be worth US$15.6 billion by 2027, which will open opportunities for hundreds of smaller, artisanal brands to grow exponentially. With more keto-friendly products on shelf helping to drive awareness and visibility of the keto diet, it looks set to continue to grow in popularity.

Customers are increasingly expecting more from their products including to be healthy or to conform to their chosen dietary and lifestyle requirements.

Finally, supermarket vitamins and supplements sales are skyrocketing, thanks in-part to Covid-19. According to IRI, there has been 'unprecedented growth' in this category, and historically, this is seen even during times of recession as consumers look towards supplements as an affordable way to maintain their health. By purchasing supplements, consumers can take comfort in feeling like they are supporting their health in a time of great uncertainty. While vitamins and supplements can't treat or prevent diseases, they can help support well-being. IRI highlighted particular sales increase in ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and elderberry.

Aside from Covid, healthy living and behaviours towards health are consistently changing. With new trends and information emerging via an increasingly amount of channels like social media, consumers are becoming even more well-informed about their health and wellness. There has been a rapid shift in the consumer health and wellness landscape with consumers actively seeking to make changes to their lifestyles.

Here are our top picks for not only health and wellness, but better-for-you categories.

Penati​ is a range of honestly delicious nut & seed crackers, proudly owned and baked here in Aotearoa.

Penati​ crackers are the ultimate ​good-for-you​ product! Made how crackers are meant to be, with only 5-6 real food ingredients, consisting of nuts and seeds, and some extras (like real parmesan cheese!). These crackers deliver great flavour while also being high in protein and good fats, low in carbs, and with no added gluten. ​Penati​ crackers help you to stay fuller for longer and are ideal for keto, low-carb, low-sugar diets.

Penati’s​ much-loved flavours are Nude, Parmesan, Garlic & Black Pepper. We also have a super exciting newcomer to the honestly delicious lineup - Rosemary & Hemp. Whichever you choose, each flavour will be sure to delight your taste buds. Try ​Penati ​on their own or accompanied with a range of healthy toppings (hello, avocado and tomato!). With so many ways to enjoy ​Penati​, they make the perfect addition to your healthy breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, or dinner!

Penati's​ premium price position ensures we deliver superior trade margin for our customers as well as being loved by our consumers. A perfect partnership.

For more information, contact your local Centurionz representative.

Take the Berocca 28 Day Challenge!

One Berocca a day can help support your energy levels, mental sharpness & physical stamina throughout the day*

To register for the 28 Day Challenge, simply purchase a participating Berocca Performance product from a participating retailer, enter your details online at & take Berocca Performance daily for 28 days.  Feel more energised* with Berocca or your money back!

*When taken daily for 28 Days.  Berocca Performance supports energy for mind and body. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamin & Mineral Supplements should not replace a balanced diet.  Bayer NZ Ltd., Auckland. 

As global demand for keto products soars, New Zealand founded start-up, Skyebird Foods, fills a gap.

The keto food start-up Skyebird Foods, has launched a range of premium, New Zealand made keto cookies.

The brand’s mission is to create keto-friendly options, which are nutritious, delicious and convenient. Launching first with keto-friendly bread, the brand’s popularity continues to grow, much of the growth driven by the immense organic interest from consumers prioritising health more than ever.

In response to customer demand, Skyebird Foods is incredibly excited to launch its range of high-quality keto cookies, made with only clean ingredients.

Like all Skyebird products, the keto cookies are designed specifically to keep blood sugar levels stable and seamlessly integrate into any low carb, high protein diet. With an emphasis on real, wholefood sources - coconut, almond, cacao and hemp to name a few - Skyebird Keto Cookies satisfy sweet cravings without guilt (each cookie contains less than 1g net carbs).

Available in four decadent flavours – Chocolate Chip, Caramel Creme, Anzac and Dark Chocolate - each boasting a freshly-baked taste and deliciously soft texture.

For more information contact Dani Holt-Lyman, on or visit

Fresh to Go is a Kiwi success story born with the goal of providing healthy convenient meal solutions to the nation, which they have done successfully for over 20 years!

The brand’s range of artisanal salads and pre-packed goodies are naturally hand-crafted right here in New Zealand using only the best quality ingredients. What sets them apart is their commitment to retaining all produce in its most natural and nutritious state; done so by using high pressure processing as a method of preservation i.e. no added nasties needed! This shelf life extending method also enables the reduction of food wastage.

The brand has recently launched its latest healthy breakfast & snacking range onto the supermarket shelves, ready to grab and go by the busy shopper.

Its beautiful breakfast Granola and Yoghurt Pots contain a crunchy toasted muesli mix with a pottle of unsweetened yoghurt, topped with your choice of Apple & Berry or Peach & Mango compote; pots served with a spork.

Focusing on healthy snacking, its vege dippers consists of fresh celery and carrot sticks served with a dipping tub of either original garlic or beetroot hummus.

For more information, contact Kellie Lee – or phone 09 525 7294.