Smarter Packaging Options Now Available

BJ Ball may not be a name familiar to many brand owners when it comes to sourcing packaging materials for retail products. However, the company has a long-established reputation for innovation and environmental excellence and continues to work closely with the sector having recently increased its range of unique packaging products and launched a new specialist website. 

The connection between BJ Ball and the packaging sector is nothing new as Brett Keen, divisional general manager for BJ Ball explained. 

“We’ve been supplying to the paper and packaging industry for over 100 years,” said Keen. BJ Ball is the largest and longest-established paper merchant in New Zealand, and because the business is so closely aligned to the raw material source, the team are able to provide guidance on the best solution in terms of both performance, and environmental credentials.

“Currently, we are seeing a large number of businesses looking for alternative packaging solutions to strengthen the environmental side of their brand story. In some cases, this means converting to paper and board-based platforms due to the fact they are manufactured using renewable and sustainable raw materials, and because paper is recycled more than any other commodity it is an obvious product choice for many businesses deciding on their sustainable packaging strategy.”

“Navigating through this also exposed us to many new and innovative products. Therefore, we see the current shift towards more environmentally sustainable packaging solutions as an opportune time to bring these products into New Zealand. We want to help brand owners achieve greener, smarter packaging solutions that make a difference.” 

And it’s clear that BJ Ball mean business. The company has significantly expanded its portfolio of packaging substrates. This includes food grade papers and boards, a host of roll and sheet label products, plus the recent addition of home compostable film which is certified under the ABA AS5810 standard. 

“We’re really excited about the potential for Home Compostable Film (HCF). We’ve tested this product and found it is suitable for a whole host of uses including replacing non-biodegradable plastic film in many FMCG & food packaging applications.”

BJ Ball also stock one of the largest ranges of specialist wine, spirit and beverage roll label products in the country. These truly unique facestocks open a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating ‘off-the-shelf’ impact.

And finally, BJ Ball has introduced into the local market the world’s first fully certified compostable label, EnviroTac. 

“EnviroTac is unique as both the facestock and adhesive are certified compostable (OK Compost / EN13432). Plus, EnviroTac is also safe for direct contact with food (EC 1935/2004 & FDA). At BJ Ball, we believe the future of the packaging sector is green.”

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