New Zealand company, Grin has partnered with Alibaba Philanthropy UN Environment and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors to launch an ocean protection initiative. "Grin has been committed to spreading New Zealand's environmental philosophy to countries around the world through their innovative use of natural materials and their environmentally friendly recycling program," said Grin marketing manager, Paul Stokes.

On China's largest e-commerce platform; Alibaba, Grin's environmentally friendly oral care products and environmental protection concepts have been welcomed by Chinese consumers. “Since launching on the platform last year, Grin has become the leading brand in the natural personal care category and leads the platform's environmental protection education. Therefore, in planning this marine environmental protection-themed event, Alibaba Group specially invited Grin as the co-organiser of the event.”

Grin hopes that through the partnership, the brand can help to raise the flag on plastic pollution. “Grin hopes to educate and encourage people to be mindful of the impact products have on the planet and motivates consumers to switch to biodegradable and sustainable products that won’t be detrimental to our planet,” commented Stokes.

Grin chose to partner with marine protection as they believe that is important to the planet. “Marine protection is important to the survival of our planet. Coral reefs moderate our weather and climate, contain rich biodiversity, absorb our emissions, and create the air we breathe. For this reason, Grin is all about providing oral care products that are safe for our customers and our environment.”