360 Development is a Kiwi owned and operated company that provides professional, quality, value-added store development and retail installation services. Most racking and shelving companies don’t have retail knowledge, and don’t know how to deal with problems unique to the retail market. Lee Cheneler, the founder of 360 Development, has extensive experience in store development and has intimate knowledge of the processes and requirements of supermarkets and retailers. He prides himself on solution-based thinking and works closely with everyone involved in the project – from the store designers to retail teams, other contractors, merchandisers and everyone in between.

“After 25 plus years in construction I never thought I'd find myself in the retail sector let alone be as passionate as I am about the supermarket industry in particular,” said Lee. “I'm fascinated by the science behind how a store works and for our part, there's nothing more rewarding than delivering a store on time, fully operational and looking sharp.”

Knowing what's important to the operators, 360 Development works closely with the management team to always provide the best outcome for the store, whether that be in meticulous planning or making an on the spot call at 4 am to ensure trading remains unaffected come opening time – “Because nobody wants to be selling baked beans out of supermarket trolleys!”

360 Development works with point of sale signage, display and dispensary items, pallet racking, steel shelving, work benches and packing stations, cool room storage of all sizes, as well as custom-made display products. The company also offers a safety audit service as pallet racking and shelving damage can and does frequently occur, which can have a cumulative effect on the structural integrity.

“It's important to us that I remain very much in touch with the day to day operation in a hands-on capacity,” Lee explained. “It makes our clients feel comfortable knowing that I'm never far away keeping a careful eye on the project.”

360 Development guarantees superior customer support with a highly experienced technical liaison team offering professional and friendly advice. The company is not tied to any one supplier and can offer totally unbiased retail and back of house solutions. This means the process is cost-effective, will maximise space and ensure that operations are quick, efficient and logical.

For any store development or retail installation services, you want someone who understands the unique challenges presented by the retail environment – you want the unparalleled experience of Lee Cheneler and 360 Development.