The Age of Alternative Meat

Who says you need animals to enjoy a delicious ‘meaty’ meal? Not us! New to the market, the Alternative Chicken Tenders look, cook, and taste like chicken, but are 100% plant based with protein made from soy, wheat, and pea. With nearly 14g of plant protein per serve, this delicious vegetarian alternative is the perfect chicken style substitute to add to your favourite salad or wrap. One in ten New Zealanders are mostly, or completely, meat free*, so Alternative Meat Co makes it an easy swap for vegetarians, the Monday meat-frees, and the Friday flexitarians.

To find out more about our full range of alternative meat style products, visit or @altmeatco

*Kalocsay K, King T, Lichtenstein T, Weber J. Plant-Based Meat: A Healthier Choice? Melbourne: Food Frontier; 2020 Aug 12