As culture drives performance, improvements in customer experience and satisfaction starts with a better employee experience. To address this, a growing number of PAK’nSAVE and New World owner-operated stores across the North Island are introducing a new ‘vibe’ into their businesses.

Labyrinth Solutions has been working with stores that want to amplify its employee communications by introducing a platform called Vibe to solve the challenges of communicating effectively and consistently to employees. This modern digital workplace solution grabs the attention of all employees and transforms the way the business creates and shares internal communications.

Common to many organisations analysing its corporate culture, the PAK’NSAVE Hastings team recognised early on that one of its biggest challenges was ‘communication’. In a digital age where people prefer receiving information in small doses and via screens, it makes sense that this innovative solution would be the answer to PAK’NSAVE’s communication woes and a powerful way to improve the customer experience.

“There is so much potential for this tool that after only a few months of using it, it’s already an asset in store. So, I can only imagine that it will continue to demonstrate further benefits over the next few months,” said PAK’nSAVE Hastings customer experience manager, Ben Allen.

So, how does PAK’NSAVE Hastings use Vibe? The store uses it for a variety of communication goals, helping the team feel more connected; including encouraging staff to contribute photos and information about things they do in their spare time, like race speedway cars, or share arrangements for social events. Importantly, it is also connected directly to the Text Radar system so that customer feedback is displayed live to all staff on large screens in the staff room. “The customer comments are totally unfiltered…good and bad, including spelling mistakes,” commented Allen. This instant feedback has resulted in better motivation and ‘buy-in’ to customer service from the staff, and Allen is excited about the initial positive domino effects of using Vibe.

Asked if the store had noticed a difference in customer satisfaction, Ben confirmed that the solution had made a real difference. “It has been perfect and delivered on its promise. I would say that our NPS (net promoter score) scores have improved significantly because of Vibe and other efforts to improve communication. The staff take more pride in their work and this is reflected in the customer comments.” As the saying goes, anything that is measured and watched, improves. For more information contact Steve Pulley at Labyrinth Solutions on 09 415 9301.