Unique and Exotic Fragrance Pairings

Air Wick, a leader in the air care category, has debuted a new generation of home fragrances, BOTANICA by Air Wick. Bringing the essence of Mother Nature into the home, BOTANICA by Air Wick is made with exotic, natural ingredients and offers high-quality air care products that are carefully sourced and packaged in a way that respects the planet. The new brand is available nationwide in five unique scent parings and a variety of formats.

"The BOTANICA by Air Wick collection sets a new standard for the air care industry," said Pamela Asplund, Global Head of Fragrance Innovation at Reckitt Benckiser. "It is the first home fragrance line that is intentionally crafted with fewer and a higher quality of naturally-derived ingredients. With its responsibly sourced contents, minimal packaging to ensure recyclability and unique scent pairings, consumers can enjoy outdoorsy scents in the comfort of their homes, while feeling confident about how the product was produced."

BOTANICA by Air Wick works with growers across the world to source simple, quality ingredients. The line blends traditional and exotic scents to create an elevated sensory experience. Raheel Dhaduk, Marketing Director for Reckitt Benckiser added, "BOTANICA by Air Wick addresses consumer needs by creating a true scent experience and bringing nature into homes with the essence of real plants and flowers, all while containing no phthalates or dyes."

From Fresh Pineapple and Tunisian Rosemary to Himalayan Magnolia and Vanilla, the BOTANICA by Air Wick products capture nature's essence and are available in scented oils and room sprays.

  • Scented Oils: For exotic scents to reach every corner of the home, BOTANICA by Air Wick scented oils are available in plug-in format. Scented oil refills contain natural essential oils and provide up to 60 days of continuously diffused and carefully blended fragrance based on the low intensity setting. Consumers can adjust fragrance intensity on the gadget based on their preference. BOTANICA by Air Wick scented oils can be used with any Air Wick warmer.
  • Room Sprays: The BOTANICA by Air Wick room spray gives consumers freshness wherever desired on demand. BOTANICA by Air Wick room sprays are made with 95% natural ingredients.