WaterWipes Launches Biodegradable Wipes

With the list of eco jargon growing by the day, parents are not alone in not being able to explain what zero-waste to carbon-neutral to compostable is.

A New Zealand based study from WaterWipes has revealed 99 percent of parents think it’s important to purchase products that are better for the environment, but two thirds (66%) find the language used on packaging confusing when making their buying decision.

The study shows parents want to do the right thing, rating high-frequency products like baby wipes (62 percent) and nappies (61 percent) their key concerns when it came to environmental friendliness when compared to other “buy-sometimes” products like dummies, shampoo and bottles.

WaterWipes has just launched its biodegradable wipes and says it wants to allay parents’ concern with the staple.

Its baby wipes are now 100 percent plant-based and biodegradable, giving parents peace of mind that they can be added to home composting systems and will decompose naturally when exposed to temperature, sunlight and living organisms such as bacteria or when disposed of in household rubbish.

As 44 percent of respondents said they would purchase biodegradable or eco-friendly products if they thought they were safer for their child. WaterWipes’ pledge to sustainability is a step in the right direction to help parents make choices that are gentle on their babies and better for the planet.

Made from 99.9% purified water, a drop of fruit extract and recommended by midwives around the world, WaterWipes is committed to offering up the safest and gentlest options for baby’s delicately soft skin – from faces and hands to the barest of bottoms – and the planet.