When you had been a grocer for years, it seems only right that you should know what other grocers want when you have moved to the supply side. Well that theory is working well for Stan Gregory and his wife Christine Chang at D&A Marketing.

Stan was a Foodstuffs member for 19 years having operated the Tuakau Four Square and then the Otara New World. He’s also been on various NARGON and Foodstuffs committees over the years. And Christine is well known as well through her former role in the International Foods Division of the then Turners & Growers.

It’s now 18 years later and they are together as the driving force behind Manukau’s D&A Marketing – a switched on warehousing and sales operation that is carrying over 200 lines.Today the company is broadening its outlook and supplying a wider range of retailers nationally as well as looking for further expansion covering the whole of the market.

Eighteen years ago they started out with little money, a lot of energy and a passion to do well. Their products then were coconut cream and some noodles.

They started out from the front room of their house and through ongoing growth, are now in their third premises – a substantial operation in South Auckland with around 48 staff.

Many of the products are well known – the likes of Palm Island coconut cream, Budapest pickles, UFC Coconut Water, Soy fresh milk, Ice Blue ice-pops and a wide range of aluminum foils and cling wraps. In fact their revamped and re-packaged line of 4U wraps is going gangbusters right now and is fitting into their aim of being at the top of the premium market.

The company has been in the snacks distribution business for some time and recently decided to develop some new ranges of their own likely to be seen in the market early next year – certainly the work towards a launch is well under way.

D&A Marketing (the name is apparently jokingly derived from some less than endearing terms for each other) has the aim of quickly developing into a nationally competitive brand owner offering best quality at lowest pricing. And as Stan is still a grocer at heart, he understands what the trade needs and the couple has the passion to deliver it.

D&A Marketing can be contacted on09- 263 9781 or stan@damkt.co.nz