Loscam is the leading provider of Returnable Package Handling (RPH) solutions for use in supply chains. They helped to modernise retail and manufacturing supply chains by promoting the use of a common pallet platform and other returnable equipment, to minimize the handling of products as they move through the supply chain. Since entering the New Zealand market in 2011, Loscam has experienced unprecedented growth and is proud to service a number of high profile customers throughout New Zealand with in the FMCG sectors, including the recent transition of McCain Foods.

Loscam products help manage the storage, handling and movement of raw materials, finished goods and fresh produce through the supply chain. Their products are suitable for a wide range of applications including automated manufacturing lines, clean room and fresh food environments, transportation and distribution operations, agricultural/horticultural/ viticultural industries and retail/ wholesale sectors.

“Loscam’s overall difference is a multitude of reasons, not any one in particular,” said national business manager Nick Trask. “It ranges from our belief that we can provide quality packaging products, extremely competitive pricing and superior levels of customer service.”

With 17 depots, ten in North Island and seven in the South, Loscam is conveniently situated to service their clients all over the country. Pallets are manufactured by Pallet Supplies locally in Auckland, and soon in Christchurch as well. “Pallet Supplies have been our sole supplier since day one, they are a key strategic partner for Loscam here in NZ and are pivotal to our success,” said Trask.

Ever-aware of environmental issues, Loscam has made creative use of their waste. Their wooden pallets are brought back to service centres for repair or refurbishment and if deemed as waste, all nails are removed and they are chipped up and reused across city council playgrounds across New Zealand. Plastic pallets are recycled. By actively promoting and establishing shared pallet pools, Loscam is significantly reducing waste and resources by promoting a common platform among companies.

The Loscam Active Lock produce crate was introduced to the New Zealand market in 2014 to give customers access to new technology. It has a collapsing mechanism which also enhances workplace safety. Their latest innovation is the “AdvaNZ” pallet, specifically developed for the New Zealand market and designed to reduce the risk of pallets tilting.

“This is a true four-way entry pallet meaning that the entry height is the same whichever way you enter the pallet, creating greater stability when loading trucks or racking by the 1m face,” said Trask. “We have a lot of growth left here in the New Zealand market place, as more people and companies are getting to know us, our reputation is spreading and the demand for our products is growing rapidly,” said Trask. Loscam operates in ten countries throughout Asia Pacific.

For further information visit www.Loscam.co.nz.