Winger Motors has appointed Louise Cadwallader as the business development manager for its fleet division. Originally from the United Kingdom, Cadwallader has been in New Zealand the last nine years, and has been with the company for the past two months. With previous roles such as senior credit analyst at Marac Finance and various roles at SsangYong New Zealand, Cadwallader has gained valuable experience and knowledge in the vehicle sales industry for the past nine years. Her most recent role was a corporate business development manager at Fleetpartners.

One of the things that attracted Cadwallader to working with Winger is the company’s multiple brand offering, which is one of Winger’s point of differences to other companies, including Subaru, Suzuki, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge.

“We have a wide range of brands to offer customers at Winger. Customers can create a fleet out of the multiple offerings, giving everyone diversity and a tailored package,” said Cadwallader.

“It also enables us to have a one-on-one relationship with the client. Primarily I have come from a banking and finance background, and Winger offers a wide range of finance options allowing customers to get premium brands but not at European prices.”

Winger offers a competitive discount price packaging and is actively bringing on new customers. The company is committed to supplying high quality and safe vehicles. Winger as a whole is a privately owned company which allows them to give hands on, personal advice to customers.