What Makes Consumers Happy?

New research reveals which packaged goods brands bring happiness to people.

In conjunction with the UN’s recent ‘International Day of Happiness 2022’ - insights agency buzzback asked 1636 people from the US, UK, Brazil, and China which brands they associate most with happiness and which brand initiatives they associate with happiness.

Out of a selection of brands and categories, consumers in the US voted leading packaged good brands as making them happy, such as Lay’s (75%), Oreo (74%) and Coca-Cola (68%).

The research revealed consumers link brands making sustainability efforts with happiness, second after value for money. Globally, 70% of consumers named sustainability as one of the initiatives brands use to make them happy, 41% of all respondents named sustainability as one of the main values they relate to happiness, and 40% named it their most important value. This aligns with buzzback’s recent Sustainability and Packaging study illustrating how brands with sustainable initiatives are more profitable and their initiatives drive greater purchases.

Consumers also said promoting charitable welfare is another critical initiative brands can undertake to promote happiness. For example, 69% say brands that respond to the welfare of others is a key factor in making them happy.  The research also revealed that 68% of consumers think brands that are implementing actions linking to social responsibility make them happy.

“Brands and building brand intimacy or loyalty are one small way to spark positive feelings and happiness, especially at a time where such devastation is present in the world. It’s important for brands to preserve the values and needs that are important to consumers, so that its brand equity stays intact and helps people get through difficult times," said Carol Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO at buzzback.