Woolworths have shown support for the recently announced National Packaging Targets which aims to see 100 percent of Australia’s packaging become compostable, reusable or recyclable by 2025. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation revealed the targets and built on other commitments made by state and territory environmental ministers centred around creating sustainable management of recyclable waste.

“This will not only be a win for local jobs and industry, it’ll also be a more sustainable option for our customers. We’re currently introducing recycled content packaging on our Woolworths branded 600ml water and looking at opportunities across other product ranges as well,” said Adrian Cullen, Woolworths head of sustainability.

An Australasian Recycling Label has also been developed by Planet Ark, PREP Design and APCO to inform consumers on how to recycle plastic and other packaging types.

“The Australasian Recycling Label provides people with easy to understand recycling information when they need it most, in those few seconds when they are deciding what bin the package goes in. The label removes confusion and reduces waste,” said Melissa Price, minister for the environment.

“We know customers want to do the right thing and recycle packaging the right way but have been frustrated in the past by unclear labelling. The Australasian Recycling Label offers a clear and easy guide for customers to do this and will hopefully lead to more recycling,” said Cullen.