World’s First Collagen Wellness Tonic Launched

The delicious new No Ugly SKIN wellness tonic contains 10,000mg of ethically sourced French marine collagen, which significantly increases skin elasticity and firmness when consumed regularly. No Ugly’s existing hero ingredient, Enzogenol, New Zealand’s very own super anti-oxidant, and 22.5mg dose of Vitamin C, combine to create a great tasting pineapple flavoured drink. This is a first of its kind combination and has a global patent pending. The Enzogenol / collagen / vitamin C combo is a winner, helping collagen formation, synthesis and firmness of your skin.

The new product comes 250ml bottles and can be bought as a single bottle, four pack or via subscription in a 12 pack, allowing you to make it part of your daily skin routine, by drinking one per day at the same price as your morning coffee. This gives you double the recommended daily dose of collagen which is important for muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, but also provides visible results for your skin, hair and nails so it’s a buy one get some free deal.

“Our purpose as a brand is to wage a war on ugly ingredients, products, beliefs and behaviours and governs everything we do. From the consumer problem we want to solve to the suppliers we choose and the ingredients use in our products. Since the launch of our wellness tonics in 2017, we’ve seen impressive demand from customers who want to look after themselves inside and out," said co-founder Jo Taylor of No Ugly.

"After researching what was happening in overseas markets with wellness we saw an opportunity to bring a ready to drink collagen product, coupled with the existing active ingredients in our wellness tonics to New Zealand consumers. It wasn’t easy to make and took us more than a year to develop but finally we are proud to launch a no fuss way to get your daily dose of collagen, without the hassle of mixing messy powders and measurements and easy access to all of the benefits.”

"It is a really exciting time for health and wellness innovation at the moment, particularly within the Food & Beverage categories," added food scientist Sarah Walter.

"This product is so powerful as it pulls together highly functional and active ingredients such as marine collagen, Vitamin C and Enzogenol, in one convenient portion.  The complexity and science behind this formulation has been a huge undertaking, but we are really proud of the outcome, and it shows that health and functionality can still taste great."