Plant-Based and Ready-To-Eat with Theresa’s Kitchen

Theresa’s Kitchen offers vegetarian ready meals to suit busy lives and encourage healthy eating habits. Each wrap, burrito and quesadilla is individually handmade with great-care and made to the highest quality, created with all natural ingredients and filled with exceptional herbs and vegetables.

The venture began by Bruce and Theresa Cheek who immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa, making delicious food for friends and family in the household kitchen, which has expanded to supply across the North Island. The idea behind it was to introduce healthy choices for New Zealanders to put together a quick and delicious meal options that are plant based and full of essential protein.

Theresa’s Kitchen implemented a free school lunch program initiative across Auckland to give back to the community that helped them grow. Currently one hundred free school lunches are being distributed to children weekly, that would usually go without.

Social enterprise is a fundamental aspect to the growth of Theresa’s Kitchen, with a goal to provide five hundred Kiwi children lunch by the end of the year. In turn helping vulnerable children improve concentration and the ability to gain a quality education and hopefully a better future.

The products are perfect for food shoppers with different dietary needs such as flexitarians or vegetarians who often have limited options. With six different flavours to choose from; Mexican Burrito, Indian Wrap, Falafel Wrap, Greek Wrap, Cuban Quesadilla and Mediterranean Quesadilla, there is something for everyone.

Transform your dish without having to prep anything and simply place them in the microwave or oven. Take them to work with a side salad, or pop them in the children’s school lunch and take away the added stress in the morning.  The range is an ideal meal solution for health-conscious university students on a budget with heavy time restraints.

For a crispy golden outside, remove from packaging and place on a pre-heated toasted sandwich press for a few minutes until golden brown and crispy.

This idea was built on helping change lives, to provide New Zealand consumers with delicious, healthy and convenient food. Theresa’s Kitchen provides a fresh and ready solution to many Kiwis who are reducing meat consumption and personal carbon footprint.

In addition to the delicious current range, plans to introduce more exciting new vegetarian products to the market are underway.