World’s First Organic Juice in a Can

The New Zealand juice category has just gotten juicier with Almighty's launch of the world's first organic juice in a can. Paying homage to the nostalgic feel of drinking juice out of an icy cold can, Almighty’s new juice range is a contemporary lineup of an old kiwi favourite which tastes as good as it looks. 

Almighty are all about making juices sustainably and organically from the best organic fruit and even some veg. Just like the bottled juice range and Almighty Sparkling Waters, these fruity numbers support the next generation of gardeners and foodies. Part of Almighty’s commitment to New Zealanders is contributing 10% of profits or 3c from every drink sold to the company’s Edible Education partners.

The Edible Education initiative helps provide school children with the skills they need to grow and cook their own healthy food through enjoying some hands-on time in the garden and in the kitchen.

Available now to increase your juice sales. For more info contact