Year of ‘Conveggience’

Conveggience - defined as meals that combine convenience and taste, all while being vegetarian friendly - has been coined as the latest plant protein-based movement to be seeded into New Zealand by Watties Plant Proteinz.

A survey commissioned by Wattie’s found that 67% of Kiwis who responded aren’t using the word Flexitarian, however 80% of those who eat vegetarian friendly food endorsed a “Conveggience” section in a supermarket containing products that are both convenient and vegetarian.

64% also revealed they are hungry for more convenience and tasty products that suit their busy lifestyles, while still allowing them to explore vegetarian and flexitarian diets.1

Plant Proteinz is driving this new Conveggience charge by releasing five new products with deliciously global flavours, two new exciting soup flavours, adding to their existing four available across Australia and New Zealand, as well as a new range of three vegetarian friendly ready-meals including a Butter Chickpea with Capsicum.

To recognise the potential of ‘Conveggience’, Plant Proteinz has also entered the definition into the Collins Dictionary and Urban Dictionary, and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding, popular radio presenter and social commentator, has joined Plant Proteinz as their official Conveggience Ambassador.

Wattie’s Head of Marketing, Ready Meals ANZ, Kiri Hyde, said it is time for New Zealanders to embrace conveggience. “Kiwis love a bit of slang, and rumour has it that the new word on the street is Conveggience! We know that a third of Kiwis are consciously limiting their meat intake and Plant Proteinz offers a deliciously convenient way to include more plant protein-based and vegetarian friendly meals in their lifestyles.”

The survey commissioned by Wattie’s® Plant Proteinz also revealed that:

  • 68% of Kiwis regularly eat vegetarian friendly food, and of those who do 81% would be attracted to Conveggience branded products in supermarkets
  • 34% of Kiwis are looking for taste when purchasing ready-made meals.

With 15 grams of plant protein per serve and inspired by global flavours, the ready meals range entails Thai Red Curry with Chickpea and Pumpkin, Red Lentil Dahl with Coconut Cream and Butter Chickpea with Capsicum.

The newest Plant Proteinz soup flavours and ready meal range is available now nationwide from soups and convenient meal aisles in Countdown, New World and Pak n Save stores.