Yowie Australia Launch

Yowie will now be available in COles Australia from May 9th

Yowie surprise-inside chocolates are now available in Coles Supermarkets across Australia for the first time since the brand's Aussie re-launch in 2017.

The Yowie surprise-inside chocolate was launched in Australia in the mid-90s and took the confectionary world by storm. At the brand's peak, Aussie consumers were purchasing around 1 million chocolates each week.

The Yowie products are made from sustainably sourced, 100 percent milk chocolate and contain a recyclable capsule with a limited edition animal toy inside. The current toy series is called Animals with Superpowers and contains a colour leaflet with a profile of the real-life animal. The company's goal is to encourage learning about the natural world and understand its need for protection.

“We’ve had fantastic support from Australian retailers since our relaunch. The Coles deal brings the total number of Yowie stockists to over 3,000 stores nationally,” said Mark Schuessler, Global CEO and Managing Director of Yowie Group.

“We are looking at a potential 30% increase in total ANZ sales
volume with this distribution increase.”

The Coles deal secures the final 'major' stockist in Australia, as Yowie is already in Woolworths, Big W, the Reject Shop, Kmart, and Coles. The chocolate products are now available in over 30,000 retailers across the United States of America and Australia.