Pact Secures Game-Changing Recyclability ARL

PACT secures game-changing recyclability for PET meat trays

Pact now has the only truly circular, fully recyclable PET meat tray and film solution in the market after APCO’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) approved our ‘Recyclability’ appeal in December.

The successful appeal means Pact’s PET tray with welded PET film can be fully recycled through kerbside bins and can carry the ‘recyclable’ Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) on the pack.

For the last 12 months, the Pact team worked closely with Hilton Foods APAC, MULTIVAC New Zealand/Australia, Cleanaway and Woolworths to run significant trials and gather evidence for the submission.

The trials confirmed that our mono PET tray and welded PET film solution can be collected via kerbside recycling bins; correctly sorted at the MRF; fully recycled through existing infrastructure at our Wellington facility (formerly Flight Plastics) and the PET will then be recycled back into a food-grade approved resin for the manufacture of new PET food trays or other food packaging – it is a truly circular solution.

This decision is game-changing for Pact as it is the only product of its type that is fully recyclable through kerbside recycling and retains full value through the recycling stream as it will be reused into new food-grade PET packaging products. 

What’s the fuss about? Whilst the tray by itself was already recyclable, the film was not being recycled through soft plastics. We now have the combo deal! rPET Moisturelock trays are available in most supermarkets. 

The more recent announcements to reduce PVC out of our supermarkets and therefore reduce kerbside volumes in combination with the upgraded recycling sorting facilities has also assisted in New Zealand recycling of PET.  Our Wellington plant which recycles kerbside PET from your local council MRFs now receives trays, punnets, and other PET products from your kerbside to recycle back into food-grade packaging.  This is a great step forward for New Zealand in re-using precious resources and stepping further into the circular world.

First to use recycled rHDPE in milk bottles

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in trialling and using recycled resins in milk bottles. The materials that are used to make milk bottles have different characteristics than PET, therefore the process to recycle is difficult. In a regional first we are using 30 percent recycled rHDPE in the Meadowfresh branded one and two litre bottles.

Recycled resin use is on the rise

As we continue in our circular journey there are increasingly more products which include recycled resins, from the trays and punnets in our Wellington and Auckland plants, to household chemicals, body washes and plant products. Pact is excited to be a driver in the circular economy for packaging in New Zealand and supporting the supermarket brands in their journey to achieve their sustainability targets. 

We are supporting these brands with new infrastructure in recycling and using recycled content in both New Zealand and Australia – keeping this Local!

This article was provided by Pact Group and will also available in the May issue of Supermarket News