Zeta Group is made up of three individual companies (machinery, manufacturer and sales force) with the goal to becoming a leading global personal care manufacturer. Having a worldwide presence means that Zeta Group has a finger on the pulse of all worldwide trends, and as a result can anticipate market shifts better than other nappy manufacturers. They have been marketing and selling their Kiddicare Brand Nappies into the New Zealand Market for some time now and have achieved tremendous growth and sales success across the North Island. Zeta Group NZ (a sales division of Zeta Group) is currently based in Wellington but is planning to move up to a new Head Office in Auckland in September as part of an effort to centralise their New Zealand operations.

To be able to produce products that suit the needs of each individual market while remaining at an accessible price point, Zeta Group has worked hard to achieve a best practice efficiency model and this includes producing most of the main raw materials in house. While most nappy companies would purchase a machine and decide which material works best for that machine, Zeta Group has the resources to build a machine which works best with the material they’ve chosen.

The nappy is forever changing, and there are plenty of opportunities for physical development. Zeta Group is releasing a new nappy this month, one which Oceania Sales Manager Stephen Taylor said will revolutionise the nappy game. “It will have a major impact on the market – there’s simply nothing else like it available,” he said.

The new nappies feature a new ultra-thin absorbent inner core using non-traditional materials; as a result, this will provide an even better absorbent performance according to Taylor. The absorbent crystals are crushed and distributed throughout the nappy rather than simply in the base, which avoids the sagging so often seen in conventional nappies.

Extensive research was conducted in order to support marketing of the new nappies. The research found that New Zealand is one of few countries around the world that uses babies on nappy packaging, but it also found that babies are not what parents want to see when buying nappies. “We have a two-minute window to convince parents to buy our product,” explained Taylor. “They want the confidence that it will work, and it was our challenge to convey this in our packaging.”

As well as a completely new packaging range, the company is working on a new interactive customer experience. A new Facebook page and Instagram are in the pipeline, as well as a website featuring blogs written by celebrity mothers.

The new nappies are already for sale overseas and are showing very good growth.