Cash recycling has boomed over the last three years and is now more affordable than ever.
Glory Cash Recyclers are purpose-built for supermarket operations, intuitive for minimal training and reliable—a true workhorse for supermarkets. Whether in Kaitaia or Bluff, Glory's highly trained and friendly nationwide service and support team is always nearby.

"Supermarkets have found that our Back Office as well as our Point-of-Sale cash recycling solutions have reduced their overall cost of cash handling by up to 70 percent, reducing cash held on-site, eliminating theft and savings thousands of dollars per years in labour costs," said Phil Dow, product manager, Glory Global Solutions. "With a ROI of only 12-18 months, supermarkets continue to experience savings over many years to come, improving their overall bottom-line."

Glory Global Solutions New Zealand has been helping New Zealand supermarkets and businesses reduce the cost of cash handling for over 25 years. With over 700 cash recycling solutions installed nationwide already, the financial benefits just speak for themselves.