A & V 2000 INC

A & V 2000 Inc. Is a Canadian based cereal manufacturer with an eye on all things good and healthy. The team spoke to Jason Bellas about his family business.

What is your company background, how did you start the business?

“We are a family business based in Montreal. However, we produce our products in Germany . The owner of A & V 2000 Inc. is my father, Daniel Bellas.”

What is the current product range and variants and how do these products stand out in the market?

“We offer an array of products that cater to the different segments of the cereal market. Most notably, YogActive Probiotic Cereals, which is one of the only cereals in the worlds with a claim of one billion CFU per serving of lactobacillus.”

Has there been any recent company news?

“We most recently launched Angel Krunch Granola in the USA that is currently available in over 700 Walmart locations.”

What are the plans for the business moving forward, is there any expansion on the horizon? 

“We will keep on adapting our products to the latest consumer trends , while also putting an importance on ethical sustainability. We also have launched a brand called NuTerra Granola that’s made with fair-trade ingredients.”

Where are your products currently available to buy, and are you looking at or wanting to expand your availability?

“Our products are currently available in USA, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan. We currently have our eyes set on Getting into emerging breakfast cereal markets like China.”