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With care and intention, The People’s Bread produce the best quality bread as a growing family, and have an appetite for a meaningful eating experience.

The People’s Bread wish to share this with others, especially at a time where there is a need for real, honest, nutritious food on the market. The People’s Bread are happy to support people’s health and taste for good food in a sustainable way by providing an honest and 100 per cent great staple.

The bread is true and whole grain, made by hand which has premium nutritional value and taste. All products are made from freshly milled organic and biodynamic flours with grain sourced as locally as possible. The grain is grinded by the bakers at The People’s Bread immediately before the doughs are made. The dough is left to ferment for up to 24 hours during which time it works its magic activating wild yeasts and lactobacilli before being transformed into the loaves.

Breads include sourdough super loaves, rye super loaf, original super loaf, multigrain super loaf, and sourdough hot cross buns exclusively for Easter.

Stockists include Moore Wilson’s Wellington and Farro Fresh Grey Lynn, Auckland.

For more information contact 021 265 3753 or email