Pembroke Patisserie is an artisan bakery in Wanaka, New Zealand.

“We create quality, authentic hand crafted French pastries and desserts. We are inspired by traditional French classic viennoiserie and patisserie such as croissants, macarons, and strawberry tarts. We also love making modern creations such as cronuts, and creating new and exciting treats using the finest ingredients available to us in Central Otago. We bake fresh for the Wanaka farmers market twice a week,” owners Matt and Kirsty said.

The couple moved to Wanaka in 2012 after a year in Melbourne following the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes. They looked for a way to start their own business which utilised the best of their combined skills and expertise.

Matt has almost 20 years cooking experience as a pastry chef and head chef in New Zealand and abroad. Kirsty has also worked for many years in restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels and upon returning to Christchurch from her OE in 2007, Kirsty worked as a cheese maker, studied French and completed a master’s degree in European Studies at Canterbury University.

“We have developed a biscuit range, handmade in small batches in Wanaka. Each individual biscuit is hand rolled and cut and wherever possible we try to use the best local ingredients available. Our biscuits are fresh, contain no preservatives, they’re just proper biscuits made the old fashioned way by a passionate and highly skilled chef.”

Stockists include Moore Wilson’s Wellington and Farro Fresh Auckland.

For more information contact Matt and Kirsty on 021 2024 651.